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Say goodbye to the days of stepping over your spa or, worse yet, having to get out of your relaxing bath, just to change a few settings.


Solve your most frequently asked questions here

What is the difference between Air Jet and Hydro Jet?

Air Jet (bubbly massage system) uses a band that surrounds the bottom of the spa, with a certain number of bubble-shaped air outlets. When the bubble function is selected, the pump pushes very high pressure air through this tube. Air escapes through the holes causing air bubbles to massage. All MSpa models come with the Air Jet bubbling massage system.

Hydro Jet includes jet nozzles at positions within the spa. When this feature is activated, the pump circulates a high-pressure combination of water and air that is released through the jets. These jets can be adjusted in both direction and pressure. Some models like the INDIGO and OSLO come with Air Jet and Hydro Jet systems to provide an energetic massage.

How often should I change the spa water?

The frequency of changing the water really varies depending on the frequency of use of the spa and the effectiveness of maintaining the water with chemicals. We recommend changing the spa water at least once every 2 months. You can extend this time by keeping the spa covered when not in use, testing the water regularly to ensure proper chemical balance, running the pump for an appropriate number of hours each day, keeping the filter pump cartridge clean, and replacing the cartridge when necessary.

MSpa spas are made with antibacterial fabrics, minimizing the use of chemicals. We recommend using the Aquafinesse weekly treatment pack for inflatable spas as it is a very effective treatment and at the same time gentle on the skin.

In addition, the OSLO, INDIGO, MONO and NAVAL models have an integrated UV lamp that destroys most microorganisms, viruses and pathogens in the water and all models incorporate an Ozone Generator for the most resistant bacteria. MSpa has the most complete water filtration and sanitation system!

Can I use the spa outdoors and in winter?

Yes you can and it is one of the greatest pleasures you will experience with your spa, bathing in hot, bubbling water outdoors in the middle of winter.

All MSpa models are equipped with Anti-Freeze System since 2020. When the water temperature drops below 1°C/33.8°F, the ANTI-Freeze System automatically activates its pump and heats the water to 3°C/37.4 °F. This will help prevent water and pipes from freezing so you can use your MSpa all year round.

We recommend covering the spa when not in use to maximize heating energy savings.

Please DO NOT leave your MSpa full of water and without power (unplugged), when temperatures drop below 4°C/39°F.

What is the best place to install the spa?

Suitable surface: A smooth, flat and uniform surface that is capable of evenly supporting the entire full weight of your MSpa plus the weight of the users. Placing your MSpa on an uneven surface can cause uneven pressure on one side of the hot tub, which will increase the likelihood of your liner failing.

Power Supply: You should consider having a power source close enough for the cable to reach (approximate cable length is 5.1m) but also far enough away that water cannot splash into the socket.

Environment: Placing your MSpa near a windbreak, such as a fence, will help reduce wind exposure, helping it retain more heat and in turn reducing running costs. You should also consider where you will empty the water when necessary.

How much noise does the spa make when operating?

A spa will always produce some noise, but MSpa spas are among the quietest:

Filtration + Heating < 60dB

Air bubble massage < 72dB

Hydromassage < 72dB

Can I always leave the spa running?

Yes, if you use your spa frequently we recommend that you leave the heating and filter on at all times as it is the most cost-effective in the long run.

If you use your MSpa less regularly, we suggest using our Energy Saving Timer which allows you to control your heating in advance.

NOTE: When temperatures drop below 4°C/39°F and you do not plan to use your spa for a long period of time, please turn off, drain and store your spa properly.

What type of electrical installation do I need to plug in my spa?

You should always use a grounded plug with PRCD protection. All our pumps incorporate an RCD unit as a safety measure. All our spas are equipped with a plug and a PRCD (portable residual current device) with a trip current of 10 mA. This is a disconnect device in the event that water comes into contact with the electrical supply of your inflatable hot tub. The socket to which the hot tub is connected must be grounded and at least 4 meters away. meters and at a minimum height of 1.2 m from the ground. We recommend that an external socket with earthing and RCD protection be installed by a qualified electrician (this should always be done by a qualified electrician).

Extension cables cannot be used. MSpa pumps come with a 5.1 meter cable which is usually sufficient for customers to reach the nearest earthed outlet with RCD protection.