The best filtration system ever created

MEET the MDC. ™

Our MSpa Direct Current system is our most advanced filtration system yet. Featuring a new DC pump with specialized impeller, the system offers more powerful water flow and higher circulation rates of 1800 liters per hour, a 36% improvement over our previous system and superior to current pumps on the market. Although the system features a stronger water flow, we have reduced energy consumption by 30%! Rest assured as our TURBO fan construction pushes foreign objects away with ease and enjoy years of enjoyment as the new X-ring guarantees 10,000 hours of continuous operation.



Our mid-range and high-end series also have an additional O3 generator to attack more resistant bacteria. Unlike UVC rays, O3 cannot be activated while the spa is in use and is intended to act as an additional, more powerful layer of protection. The O3 generator also helps reduce the frequency of water treatment chemicals.


Powerful UVC sanitation kills over 60 disease-causing microorganisms and pathogens without the use of harmful chemicals. Our disinfection chamber is located inside the spa control box and continuously disinfects the water that passes through the chamber. Since you will never come into contact with UVC light, this setting can be activated while you enjoy your spa.


Our anti-freeze system protects your spa and control box from freezing and damage in freezing temperatures by automatically heating the water to 3°C whenever the water drops below 1°C. The system acts as a safety measure when a storm hits or the spa is accidentally left in sub-zero conditions.



Our patented inflation system allows you to set up your spa in one step. Press the BUBBLE and UP buttons at the same time to watch your spa magically come together before your eyes. There is no need to install an additional control box and the auto-inflator can intelligently control the pressure to know when to stop inflation.

Just press and go!

It's all in your palm


Say goodbye to the days of stepping over your spa or, worse yet, having to get out of your relaxing bath, just to change a few settings.

With our new innovative spa app:
Have full control of your MSpa at all times at your fingertips. Enjoy the easiest operation and usability through our intuitive user interface.
Easily receive tips, alerts and alarm messages while you travel so you are always informed.

The MSpa app is available on all 2022 or newer Frame Series and Indigo Spas.




Clean water is the most essential basis of a good hydromassage. Our antibacterial fabric is applied to the internal linings of our spas to improve sterilization performance. The fabric releases bactericidal components to reduce the reproduction of bacteria by 99%.

*Complies with ISO 22196:2011